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“In less than 48 hours, with 150 people in the room… XCHANGE allowed us to find our collective heartbeat, co-create a widely shared vision, and mobilize widespread, aligned action.”
“Our company has leveraged XCHANGE for dramatic transformation in the area of sustainability, to become the voice of our industry, and evolve into a heart centered workplace.”
“In less than 8 hours, we pulled together over 60 members of our board, staff, community leaders… to strengthen our shared identity, see the future, and design innovative solutions. The rate of strategic renewal and bonding was unlike anything we’ve experienced.”
“XCHANGE is powerful and works in multiple sectors, which is exactly why I wanted to bring XCHANGE to the field of suicide prevention. A complex industry that is facing enormous obstacles and increasing losses of life. Today, XCHANGE is helping us re-imagine and re-think everything so that globally we can save more lives.”
“At our annual Global Coherence conference, XCHANGE was a catalyst in helping us raise intellectual, social and communal capital.”
Julie Reiter
DR dan
Rollin McCraty, PHD

XCHANGE Creates Exponential Outcomes

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What is XCHANGE?

A multi-disciplinary approach, informed by the best of…

Systems Thinking

There is an invisible fabric of interrelatedness in any group of people. XCHANGE invites the structures of our interactions to unlock awareness and innovation at every level of the system.


As a diverse, living system, nature self-organizes, adapts, and thrives. Inspired by heliotropism, XCHANGE designs questions and conversations that naturally “give life” to any system.

Positive Psychology

Well-being theory and the empirical measures- positive emotions, engaged strengths, quality relationships, meaning & purpose, achievement & progress - are embedded in the compass that guides every effort of XCHANGE.


Our qualities of attention - equanimity, sensory clarity, and concentration power - are once again recognized as the currency of personal peak performance. Any group intervention will always reflect the interior mindfulness of the intervener.

Design Thinking

We must move beyond dialogue, to design. Design Thinking inspires faster pathways towards problem solving, innovation and opportunity creation. Nearly every XCHANGE process is guided by a movement between divergent and convergent design thinking practices.

Experiential Learning

A learning organization is an organization that truly understands how to learn together - to think, to dialogue, to conceptualize. XCHANGE leverages fundamental Experiential Learning practices into every group, thoughtfully balancing experience with reflection.

Mirror Flourishing

Might this be the business discovery of our generation? The invitation to discover, co-create and embed a transcendent purpose across our organization. The experience of connecting to our “evolutionary purpose”. Might this invite inner well-being to thrive, more so than through any other endeavor?

Appreciative Inquiry

At XCHANGE, our foundational “operating system” is the open source methodology of Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry is a social technology that asks the question: What causes any human system to come alive... faster, more naturally and effectively than ever before?

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry


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Shared Future


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Whole System Change


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Groups will...

XCHANGE services are also available for virtual & online facilitation.

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