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Burnout Escape Artist Helping Leaders in Tech | Executive Leadership Advisor | Connection Catalyst | Strategic Partner | Certified XCHANGE Guide
Lisa Duerre is a former Silicon Valley executive on a mission. Whether you meet Lisa Duerre in her role as a CEO, Executive Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Leadership Advisor, Podcast Host or Author her mission is clear – she ignites leaders in tech to get kickass results, build high-performing teams, and be present for the moments that matter without burning out. She believes head + heart alignment is what truly makes you a leader worth following and makes your business worth supporting.

RAVES ABOUT  Lisa Duerre

“Lisa’s gift is her ability to provide a safe space for her clients to discover and conquer their blind spots and biases. And she effortlessly alters her approach from sharing her personal stories, nudging with harmless questions and helping create an action plan to move clients forward. Her goal and her success are driven by how she uses her expertise and personal experience to lean into client engagements and gets them to own their actions and their success.”

Disha Mehtani

VP Human Resources
“Lisa has the amazing skill of looking at a situation, breaking it down to the root cause, and clearly articulating ideas on how to address it real time in the sessions.”

Gabriella Coplan

Director of Customer Programs and Talent Development
“My management team and I worked with Lisa to pull together curriculums and materials to keep our consultants on the leading edge of technology and develop the soft skills required to succeed on demanding client programs. She excels at pulling together teams from different regions and organizations. I admire her positive attitude and drive, facilitation and leadership skills.”

Ken Nishida

Enterprise Success Manager
“I had the honor and pleasure working with Lisa in a high-profile event. The panel had co-founders of unicorn startups, experienced VC+entrepreneurs, top ranking accelerator investor, and Lisa who is so experienced in employee motivation. I was very impressed by Lisa’s experience, vision, enthusiasm, and presentation skill in our f2f meetings during the interview of panelist. She’s my go-to advisor on innovation motivation of colleagues!”

Larry (Nanlei) Wang

Executive in Residence
“Lisa brings expert strategies and true partnership to her leadership development programs and her executive coaching engagements. She has valuable hands-on business experience and incredible interpersonal talents and really knows how to help individuals and teams reach new levels of synergy, contribution, and impact.”

Maura McGinnity

Senior Director of Development


Lisa Duerre spent 20+ years in Silicon Valley career as an executive leading highly successful teams and exceeding business objectives in the areas of Talent Development, Field Engineering, Customer Education and Support. Sales Development, and Marketing. She’s helped over 25,000 employees & leaders grow their careers, make a greater impact at work, and build a more meaningful connection between work and home. That part – building a healthier, more meaningful connection between work and home and making an impact through strategy, clarity, and heart – that’s what gets her fired up. As the CEO and Co-Founder of RLD Group she (and her team) now provides mission critical leadership development engagements in the tech industry to ignite leaders to make an extraordinary impact on the business (and planet) by building and leading high-performing teams.

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