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With 25 years of yoga expertise, Marni is taking yoga, mindfulness, and intention beyond the mat and into corporate settings. Using Appreciative Inquiry, she designs purposeful XCHANGE conversations to optimize individual and organizational performance. By making ancient mindfulness practices relevant to modern minds, Marni fosters dialogues that tap into collective wisdom. Inclusive conversations create psychological safety, maximizing creativity and intelligence. Elevate your group, team, or organization with insightful questions and enhanced cohesion.


“During my assignment to the Employee Assistance Unit of the Cleveland Police Department I have forged relationships with people who can help our men and women deal with the struggles they encounter in both their professional and personal lives. One of my most valued collaborations has been with Marni Task. In addition to training 4 of our officers to be yoga instructors so that we can tailor our yoga/mindfulness program to the needs of our population and to institutionalize the program into our operation Marni’s has been able to teach officers yoga practices that instantly relax them in various settings, from roll call, to training to the academy. Her humor and candor immediately disarmed the officers and the armor most usually wear fell away quickly. Normally hardened and defensive officers were open, emotional and in connection within minutes of Marni’s instruction and walked away with techniques they can use in their office or patrol car to calm and reset their nervous system as well as improve spinal alignment and pain brought about through stress and the wearing of a duty belt and bullet proof vest.”

Chris Gibbons,

Cleveland Police Employee Assistance
“Having been through another 200 hour teacher training program already, I can see the Jivasara training is more thorough than anything I’ve experienced—and I’ve talked to many other instructors who complain of “lack” in their other training programs. I tell them, “Marni has been my favorite instructor for many years. She is super inspiring; eats, sleeps and breathes yoga. Her classes integrate knowledge of yoga history and she infuses a spirituality factor while leading a physically challenging flow. Assists are amazing! I learned more in my first TT weekend with Marni than I could have ever dreamed possible. Truly amazing.”

Dawn Manning


After twenty-five years as a yoga instructor, Marni is now bringing the transformative tools of yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and intention beyond the yoga mat and into the corporate meeting room. Utilizing Appreciative Inquiry as a cornerstone technique, Marni will craft purpose-driven XCHANGE conversations. These meticulously designed dialogues are aimed at extracting peak performance from both you and your organization.

By harmonizing ancient mindfulness practices with the demands of the modern mind, Marni will guide discussions that unlock the immense power of collective wisdom. With an open invitation extended to everyone to join these conversations, we will cultivate the essential psychological safety necessary to unleash the full creativity and intelligence of each participant.

Prepare to embark on a journey that enhances the strength of the individual, group, team, or organization by formulating questions that delve into profound intelligence while fostering psychological safety. Get ready to amplify your collective potential!

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